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Connect and meet people LGBTQI with similar interests

Meet gay, bi, trans men and women from all over the world. Chat, find and share life.

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While this is a public app sharing information publicly, there have been many measures put in place to protect your identity, location and device. Only data you elect to share and transmit is sent to our servers or third party support systems.


Storage and processing on your devices: In order to use the cHunkyChat, you will need to install our software onto the devices that you wish to use. This will require ongoing storage space and processing capacity for product operation. Image files and other operations data are stored locally on your device and our servers. This data can be removed within the app by requesting it to be cleared.


Third Parties: Ads and analytics are controlled by Google and we trust the data collected with them is protected thoroughly. We use this data to enhance, make modifications and deal with crash data and server load handling only. You can control your ad choices within your device or operating system.


Data stored in servers: We store information that you supply in order to match interests. All operating data is kept private and secure with encryption, only data you wish to publish is published and can be removed or deleted at any time.


Data sent to our engineers: Telemetry – our software sends information to us and Google Firebase on installation, uninstallation, and at regular intervals in between that enables us to monitor and improve the product performance and respond to unexpected crashes or behaviour. This may include personal data such as IP address, username, device ID, file path, file name, and customer ID as well as GPS co-ordinates; GPS co-ordinates that are transmitted to other users have been modified to be inaccurate on purpose. No ones actual location is ever sent to other users or third parties.


Look-ups - our software automatically sends data including the file names and user details that are elected for use in order for the app to function. File sharing is turned off by default and does not offer any files on your device to any other user.


How do we use the data? We may store and use data submitted to our engineers for the purposes of trend analysis, statistics, reporting, and threat detection, troubleshooting, quality control, new product development, and the enhancement of existing products. We do not, and will not sell any of our database to anyone ever!




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